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Inside the World of Game Development with Antonio Iglesias from Kraken Empire

December 08, 2023 Gamerheads Podcast Network
The Gamerheads Podcast
Inside the World of Game Development with Antonio Iglesias from Kraken Empire
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Ready to command your very own toy army? Join us as we chat with Antonio Iglesias, the mastermind behind Toy Tactics from Kraken Empire. Antonio gives us a peek into his journey in game development and shares fascinating insights about the creation of Toy Tactics. The beauty in Toy Tactics lies in the unique gameplay mechanics where players control their units by sketching plans on the battlefield, a detail Antonio meticulously explains. This episode will leave you appreciating the role of physics in games as we delve into how it contributes to the overall toy-like feel of Toy Tactics.

Lastly, we acknowledge the mountain game developers climb to bring us our favorite games. Antonio shares the complexities of creating a physics-based RTS game. From designing pathfinding in a physics-based world to developing the main drawing mechanic (a unique feature assigning positions to units within a line), he highlights the hurdles the team had to overcome.

Get ready to enter the captivating game development world in this exhilarating new episode of The Gamerheads Podcast.

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