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The Game Awards Nominees Discussion

November 17, 2023 Gamerheads Podcast Network
The Gamerheads Podcast
The Game Awards Nominees Discussion
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Welcome to another episode of The Gamerheads Podcast! From adventures and trials to debates and reviews, we're leaving no stone unturned. We're all about the latest VR tech in this episode, comparing the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 to help Mike decide which to buy.

 We also examine the Game Awards nominees, predicting potential winners in the Best Family Game, Best Fighting Game, GOTY, and Most Anticipated Game categories. Disney Illusion Island, Mortal Kombat, Sonic Superstars – it's a gaming fest!

We're also dabbling in reviews - we discuss Ebenezer and the Invisible World and Berserk Recharged, a remake of the original Atari game. We dive into their narratives, gameplays, and unique experiences they offer, promising to give you a rollercoaster ride mix of laughs, gaming discussions, and a pinch of chaos.

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