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El Paso, Elsewhere - Interview with Xalavier Nelson Jr

October 10, 2023 Gamerheads Podcast Network
The Gamerheads Podcast
El Paso, Elsewhere - Interview with Xalavier Nelson Jr
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Welcome to another episode of The Gamerheads Podcast! This week, Roger had the pleasure to chat with  Xalavier Nelson Jr. as they discuss his studio's new game, El Paso, Elsewhere.

El Paso, Elsewhere is a neo-noir adventure game with an intriguing narrative and a compelling protagonist named James Savage. They talk about the collaborative effort in which Xalavier and his team combined their imaginative inputs to create a captivating gaming experience. From the writing, to music, to the cinematic creation, they cover it all.

As the episode wraps up, they look towards the future, evaluating the direction the gaming industry is heading.  They talk about some of the challenges that Xalavier has faced and the challenges that the industry faces as a whole.

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Interview With Xalavier Nelson Jr
About Game "El Paso Elsewhere"
Game Development Collaboration and Artistic Vision
The Future of the Gaming Industry
The Dangers of Escalating Game Development
Discovering Career Paths and Industry Challenges

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